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06 July 2005

Dusty Update

Hello All!

Thought I would dust off (pun intended) this old blog and use it to send info about Dad. I'll end the good stuff via email, but save the detailed info on this blog. Things like ---- a list of his current meds. Boring, I know. But just in case someone asks . . .

Namenda - slows the progression of Alzheimer's Disease. He will be on this long-term.

Remeron -- antidepressant - mostly for sleeping too much, thoughts of death, irritability, loss of interest in daily activities. Effective dose 15 to 45 mg/day. Dad's on 30 mg/day; may decrease dose as needed. Primary side effect is weight gain directly related to increased appetite. Five years ago, when Dad was at home and before the disease had progressed to this point, we'd have tried St. John's Wort instead of Remeron.

Seroquel - antidepressant/antipsychotic. Treats delusions and confusion, and anger. Side effects: swollen legs, feet, arms. This drug is temporary and will probably cease within one month.

That's it -- unless you count the over-the-counter stuff ---- Vitamin B-12 (500 mg), aspirin (81mg), calcium (600 mg) and ICaps with Lutein (vitamins for eyes).

Atria is in charge of all meds -- whew! And it is ALSO a chance for them to pop in on Dad twice a day!

A local pharmacy deals directly with Atria, processes all of Dad's prescription insurance stuff, delivers the meds to Atria and sends the bill to me ($68/month).

You can ask questions by just responding to this post.

Think this will work? (THIS means the BLOG.) (THIS also means Dad's meds!)

Hope so!

Love to all. . .K


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