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19 July 2005

Computers, Dinners and Southern Accents

Well, Dad is in rare shape! Even tho' he didn't stay up late to watch the Braves vs the Giants, he was pleased when I told him the Braves won 6-1. Thanks to Ted Turner's cable network, Dad watches every Braves game. He knows all the players by stats and quirks.

His dining room table is now complete. Another Bill has returned so there are 4 grumpy old men at every meal. They laugh, complain, interrupt each other constantly. Dad has even come to like the "early meal schedule" as they are served their meals, then the entire staff runs to the other dining roonm to serve the "late meal schedule." So Dad, Howard, and 2 Bills just hang out at their table for an hour and gab. It's a great social time for Dad.

Dad remarked that everyone at Atria is treating him so much better now that he's back. He's absolutely convinced that they have all decided to speak more slowly. How else can you explain why he can now understand their Tennessee accent!?!!

Ah, yes, the computer news. Well, the WebTV stopped working again. Go to Channel 3 -- press TV/Video --- green light on, but all we get is a screen saver of puppies and kittens. Pounding the power button on keyboard,on the other remote, any and all random keys and buttons -- nothing. Can't get the MSN screen, much less get it to connect to telephone. I called tonight and verified that Dad's still registered. Then switched to tech services where they told me to try turning the power on the surge protector on and off a few times. When I joked and said that's like receiving instructions to "jiggle the cord," the techie actually responded: "Yes, you might try that too."


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