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20 August 2004

VOIP - Pronounce it? Want it? Get used to it!

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol is new to the Internet and already there's a price war going on. Depending on which company you choose, you can have unlimited local and long distance phone calls for $20 to $30 per month, via the Internet. You can pick your area code, keep your existing phone number, call Western Europe as a local call, and do it all with your existing telephone number and a computer - and save one to two thirds off your current phone bill.

And it's cheap for the companies that run the Internet phone systems, too. AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner, Quest, Cablevision, Vonage (the pioneer in Internet calling) and newcomers like Lingo, are all aggressively jumping in to serve this rapidly growing audience. According to a recent WSJ article, the only thing stopping the consumer is the unfamiliarity of the process.

But it's amazingly simple. All you need: a high speed Internet connection (cable or DSL) and an adapter that plugs into your computer modem. Your computer routes the call over the Internet. Phone calls will travel the Internet along side normal Internet traffic, raising concerns about the quality and security of the conversation. But the savings can be significant for those with high speed connections from a cable company as they may eventually disconnect their phone line completely. Those with DSL cannot do without their traditional phone line, but still enjoy considerable savings on phone charges.

VOIP - it's not just for geeks anymore. I just wish someone would tell me how to pronounce it.


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