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01 August 2004

Best Seller

The 9/11 Commission Report is a must-read. If the US Gov site is too crammed with requests -- try this one -- Just click on "Best Seller" shown above. Thanks to Dr. Pollard at UT School of Info Science who has posted a full copy on his web site.

It may take a while to download as it's over 7 megs. But worth every byte. I haven't printed it out, just reading through it on the computer. And what a story!

It is SO well-written, I checked to see if they gave the writer a credit (they didn't). The first chapter, detailing the minute-by-minute flight of the 4 hijacked planes, reads like a Tom Clancy novel. The organization and clarity of this report are unusual for a government report. I wish more organizations (and corporations) wrote like this.

If you can, split the screen and read the footnotes along with the copy. The annotated footnotes are compelling, add details and offer a glimpse at the depth of the investigation.

No wonder it's a best seller. As of last week, 350,000 copies sold out. And they're in the second printing. My only question - how did the book get into print so quickly? Bookstores were offering paperback copies at $10 each the day AFTER the report was released.

And am I the ONLY one who saw the film clip of the President tossing his copy of the report into the bushes?

This report is generating a lot of interest from the public. Might as well get your copy now - one way or the other.


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