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12 July 2004

Maxwell Smartt on Coke

...a can of Coke, that is. Today, instead of talking into his shoe, Agent Maxwell Smartt would be looking for a specially marked can of Coca-Cola. Coke's summer promotion features a cell phone-ladened can. Instead of soda, it's equipped with a GPS chip that alerts the finder to prizes of cash, a home entertainment center, an SUV and a call from the US military.

Yup. The brass at Army, Air Force and Marine Corps bases from Fort Knox to Alaska are up in arms. "I wouldn't worry if one was in my refrigerator," one of them explained. But their concern is that if one of these Coke cans shows up at a top secret meeting, the GPS device inside the can could spill the beans by evesdropping. No one seems to question why military personnel are casually drinking Cokes at TOP SECRET meetings. . .but that's another blog.

Coke says 'piffle' to the military complaint, noting that, when activated, the cell phone and GPS data are directed solely to Coke's Prize Center.

So. If you spy someone talking into their Coke can, call Tom Ridge. Tell him Maxwell Smartt say's "hi!"


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