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24 July 2004

Radio - cleans up its act

Clear Channel Radio announced that it would begin to restrict the number of commercials it aires on all its radio stations. Let's hope their competition will take note and follow their lead.

It's good news for advertisers. Screaming car dealers reveal more than the availability of cars. It's an indication that radio is VERY underpriced. So much so that auto dealers are buying far more spots than necessary -- annoying listeners, and filling every available spot on the air. There are far too many commercials per hour on the radio. Over the past 2 years, the clutter on radio has escalated.

A little restraint on the part of the stations to limit the number of commercials and increase the amount of content will begin the long process of wooing back listeners, and offering advertisers more value for their ad dollars.

It's been quite a while since I included radio in a media plan (except for the occasional sports sponsorship). While rates may also climb, a little exclusivity will be worth it. This is a situation I'll monitor closely.

21 July 2004

Blog Hopping

One Blog Thing leads to another -- and the best way to find a great blog is to go to one. Most blogs have a long list of internal links within their postings, as well as a sidebar listing their favorite blogs.

I've listed one Blog Directory --- but a word of caution first. Be sure to click on "advanced blog search" and do a word search. If you just start linking to blogs by topic you'll have to plow through dozens of diaries, rantings, porn, and hopelessly outdated blogs. Time consuming. Frustrating. If you cllick on the Blogspot logo on the top of THIS blog, you will find such a list. Good luck. . .

If you read about a blog in the newspaper or a magazine - be sure to try it. If a blog has national attention, it's probably worth your time. Here are a few to get you started.
  • Blog Directory

  • The Blogarama Directory is a general place to start. You might want to check out their "preferences" link to activate various filters.

    The best of the political blogs are two that are regularly quoted in the press. Both have national reputations for accuracy and insight, often blog back and forth, and offer a balanced view of the political scene -- IF you link to both of them!

  • Talking Points Memo
  • Talking Points Memo by Joshua Marshall offers political analysis from the Left. He can go on a bit, but his comments are well researched and insightful. Also includes a long list of blog links.

  • Instapundit
  • This nationally known blog not only comes from Right, he is also a law professor at UT!

  • South Knox Bubba

  • South Knox Bubba offers a great taste of Knoxville/national news, politics, barbeque recipes, and photographs - If you start saying "OK. Then." I'll know you've bookmarked SKB. And you're not alone. It's another Knoxville blog that has received national acclaim.

  • Library Chronicles

  • For a personal blog by a guy who works in a New Orleans library, try this one. You'll meet all sorts of his friends, co-workers and a few "patrons we love to hate." -- It's a fun and gentle site.

    Let me know what you find! It's a blog jungle out there!

    15 July 2004

    The Ultimate Internet Search

    Search what the searchers are searching! If you've wondered what the world is searching for, here's a peek. Search engine MetaCrawler lists its top ten current search requests every 15 seconds at:

  • Metaspy

  • Your screen is automatically refreshed every 15 seconds. And if you're real fast with the mouse, you can click on a search for a link to its site.

    12 July 2004

    Maxwell Smartt on Coke

    ...a can of Coke, that is. Today, instead of talking into his shoe, Agent Maxwell Smartt would be looking for a specially marked can of Coca-Cola. Coke's summer promotion features a cell phone-ladened can. Instead of soda, it's equipped with a GPS chip that alerts the finder to prizes of cash, a home entertainment center, an SUV and a call from the US military.

    Yup. The brass at Army, Air Force and Marine Corps bases from Fort Knox to Alaska are up in arms. "I wouldn't worry if one was in my refrigerator," one of them explained. But their concern is that if one of these Coke cans shows up at a top secret meeting, the GPS device inside the can could spill the beans by evesdropping. No one seems to question why military personnel are casually drinking Cokes at TOP SECRET meetings. . .but that's another blog.

    Coke says 'piffle' to the military complaint, noting that, when activated, the cell phone and GPS data are directed solely to Coke's Prize Center.

    So. If you spy someone talking into their Coke can, call Tom Ridge. Tell him Maxwell Smartt say's "hi!"

    08 July 2004

    Easy Come - Easy Go

    Congress originally authorized $18 billion for Reconstruction in Iraq. To date, it is estimated that only $2 billion has been spent. And most of that on "security." As in guards, security guards for American personnel in Iraq. The rest of the budget just waits. Mostly they're waiting for the shooting to stop.

    Meanwhile, the US embassy in Iraq is quickly establishing a presence -- a huge presence. They're setting up a staff of 900 in the Royal Palace. This is the largest US embassy in the world.

    And, yes, the budget to run the embassy comes out of the Reconstruction Budget.

    06 July 2004

    It all depends on your definition.

    Glen Campbell was arrested last November for drunken driving that caused a minor accident. He offered this defense at his recent court appearance. Claiming he wasn't really that drunk, he explained he "was just over-served." Then he added that he didn't remember anything about the accident because he was "in a blackout mode." He was sentanced to ten nights in the Phoenix jail (maybe with a good dictionary at hand).