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22 June 2004

Today's Library

I used to go to the library, check out some books, a music tape, and maybe a video. Then I'd head home, sit in my favorite chair and enjoy the book while listening to the music. Later, we'd watch the video. You went to the library, but went home to enjoy the benefits.

Today, going to the library IS the event. Lectures, discussion groups, book clubs, film festivals, community meetings, coffee and tables for brown baggers, live jazz quartets inside, and rock concerts in the plaza outside, art and craft exhibits and demonstrations, antique appraisal events, puppet shows for children, and so much more. If you can dream of it, today's library can probably facilitate it.

Libraries are not just humming with activity, they're bursting at the seams. Talking out loud is the norm as people are turning to the library for a wide variety of experiences. Of course, books and research will always be the backbone of the library. That's why the library has Internet access and reference librarians trained in use of search engines, and Books on Tape! Today's library is alive with activities, discoveries, the joy of learning, an intense spirit of inquiry, and a strong sense of community.

Today's library is a destination, not just a borrowing point. It IS the point. That's why we need a new central library in Downtown Knoxville.


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