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14 June 2004

A Ronald Reagan Story

Dateline: Knoville - Opening Day of the 1982 World's Fair. President Reagan came to town to make 2 speeches. At the opening festivities on the Fair site Reagan spoke at length about the importance of Energy Research and Worldwide Cooperation. He then left and went across town to the Civic Center where an International Energy Symposium had convened with hundreds of representatives from around the world in attendence. There Regan spoke with delight about the wonderful World's Fair that would bring together people and families from all over the country to have fun and view the exhibitions.

Our local newspaper dutifully printed a transcript of BOTH speeches in case you were at the OTHER place than where you thought you were and heard what you didn't quite relate to at the time. But being polite Southerners, we all applauded just the same.


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