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14 June 2004

Dog Dictionary

A recent news article claims that dogs can understand up to 200 words! Well, it's summer school time for our crew! I plan to have them reading the Great Books by Christmas - just as soon as I finish taking them to the vet for their annual shots. (Small car, big dogs. We go one at a time.) While we haven't had a stray in months, we still have our basic 8:

Girlfriend - Giant black Schnauzer - alpha dog - a real clown
Ben - Austrailian shep - herds everyone into obedience - aims to please
Toots - Yellow Lab - brought 9 pups with her - a great Mama with all dogs
Buddy - grew up to be a tan Great Dane - a lovable couch potato
Bosco - an ancient Pit Bull - mostly blind and deaf - enjoying his retirement
Bobby - small black Terrier - fearless, funny - Buddy's best friend
Riga - Malamute - elegant, aloof, gun-shy -- learning to play
Midgy - Jack Russell Terrier - thinks she's the alpha

So far, the words they understand: come, sit, stay, dinner, and get off the bed.


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