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18 June 2004

Broccoli Sprouts

Ah, broccoli sprouts. Let's just see how many Google searches that generates!

Got the urge to grow your own sprouts? Skip the broccoli. A 4-ounce packet of broccoli seeds for sprouting contains a billion seeds the size of poppy seeds.

After 10 days of soaking, rinsing, and draining, several of the specks had begun to sprout -- about the size of a hangnail. And no matter how well I rinsed them, the kitchen reeked of brocolli all day. I finally dumped them in a flowerpot. Darned if they aren't growing!

Since I only used a teaspoon of seeds, I 'll probably sprinkle the remaing gazillion seeds in the back garden and move on to the next packet. It's "zesty salad mix" that contains alfalfa, radish and wheat.


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