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14 June 2004

Between the Lines

I've tried to stop reading betwen the lines. But sometimes a newspaper article can just leave you hanging. But then there are those that just smack you in the nose. . .

The Washington Post reported on Colin Powell and a State Deptartment report that showed an incorrect decline in terrorist attacks since 9/11. Powell, claiming a "numbers error," denied that the administration tried to cook the books with false information. Powell is quoted as saying:
"We can't get away with that now. Nobody was out to cook the books."

'Scuse me? "We can't get away with that NOW!?!?" Just WHEN did they "get away with that?" Makes me want to go back over every report. . . oh never mind.

Then Powell ends with the note that the erroneous terrorist report was compiled by the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, a newly formed CIA clearinghouse. Hummm, the TTIC-- I'll be sure to add them to MY clearinghouse!


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